Home Missions Director

​Pastor Paul M. Nash

One word could sum up Pastor Nash's life – passion. Passion for the Word of God and for the local congregation. Pastor Paul M. Nash has been the Director of AFLC Home Missions since 1995. He graduated from AFLBS in 1973, Moorhead State University in 1976, and the Association Free Lutheran Seminary in 1979.

Pastor Nash married his Bible School sweetheart, Laurie Dietsche, in 1974. Together they have three children and nine grandchildren. Their decades of ministry together have taken them to four different congregations in MI, ND, MN, and TX. Two of these were Home Mission churches, which gave him an on-the-ground understanding of the everyday challenges and joys that a mission congregation experiences.

Among his unique interests, Pastor Nash is a licensed pilot, flying as a Search and Rescue for many years. He now uses his flight training to minister to AFLC congregations across America.

Free Lutheran Association of Pilot Supporters (FLAPS) Director:

Mr. Lavon O. Bohling

Lavon Bohling has been married to Fern since 1962. Together Lavon and Fern have three children and eight grandchildren.

Lavon earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska in 1965 and a Masters degree in Aerospace Education from Middle Tennessee State University in 1973. His prior work experience includes teaching high school science and working for two manufacturing companies in Kansas and Nebraska. An active pilot since 1967, flying has been a significant part of his work for nearly all of his working life. He holds Commercial and Flight Instructor certificates plus several additional ratings.

Lavon was called to work in the AFLC Missions office in 2001 and recently resigned from that position January 2012. He still serves as executive director of FLAPS, the Free Lutheran Association of Pilot Supporters.

Director of Resource Management

Mr. Loren Tungseth

Loren Tungseth and his wife Sharon live in Fergus Falls, MN. Loren's expertise is accounting and finance, a field he worked in for 38 years before retiring from ShoreMaster, Inc. spring 2011.

Loren has an inside view of Home Missions, having worked closely with Director Paul Nash as a valued member of the Home Missions Committee from 2002-2011. The Home Missions Committee called Loren for a new part-time position as Director of Resource Management summer of 2011. His three fold job description is 1) to oversee the AFLC Home Mission work in Alaska. 2) To help oversee the presentation of Home Mission ministry opportunities (Come Join Us) to the AFLC. 3) To help oversee and steward AFLC Home Mission finances.

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Julia Prichard

Julia was born into a Christian home and was raised in the Twin Cities area. She attended an AFLC congregation growing up and graduated from AFLBS in 2011. She has a heart for discipleship, building community, and serving ministry workers.

Before coming to the Home Missions office, Julia worked as an administrative assistant in both medical and accounting fields as well as running her own photography business.

Home Missions Committee

Rev. Richard Long, Arlington, WA

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Ron Jorgenson, Beulah, ND

Rev. Joe Ocker, Frost, MN

Rev. Dale Finstrom, Fertile, MN
Mr. Carl Busse, Humbolt, TN
Mr. Bob Christian, Newark, IL
Mr. Kenn Graham, Camarillo, CA