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Since the doors of Association Free Lutheran Bible School opened in 1966, summer team ministry has been one of our passions. Each year, approximately 40 young adults, making up 10 summer teams, will be serving the Lord as they crisscross the country sharing the Gospel, leading Vacation Bible School, counseling at Bible Camps, and sharing musical concerts. It is an exciting time for us as we step forward in ministry and the proclamation of the Gospel!

The North and South Barnabas Teams are handpicked from the Bible School by Home Missions leadership. Each team has two young ladies, and two young men, representing both Jr and Sr. Bible School students. They are unique from the other Bible School teams in that they are sent out by Home Missions, not the Bible School, and they focus on serving primarily Home Mission congregations. Home Missions chose the name “Barnabas” because of it’s meaning–”Son of Encouragement.”

Barnabas team training emphasizes preparing and teaching Vacation Bible School, sharing testimonies, and building relationships. This year our teams used the 2015 Concordia “Camp Discovery” curriculum. We heard story after story from church leadership, host families, and youth describing the tremendous impact our teams had on them:

“It’s refreshing to see college kids who are not self-absorbed.”

“Where do they get these kids?”

“It is a real inspiration for my children to be around these mature Christian AFLBS students.”

2015 North Barnabas

(L-R): Daniel Long, Elisabeth Ballmann, Erin Dahl, and Micah Fagerstrom

2015 South Barnabas

(L-R): Sam Schierkolk, Grace Johnson, Alisha Kneeland, and Micah Jacobsen

Leadership Training Ground

When summer ministry ends, Barnabas teams don’t leave Home Missions behind! They become part of a lifetime family of encouragement. As Barnabas Team members travel the country and observe the challenges and joys of Home Mission work, the blessing of hospitality, and the rewards of self-sacrifice, they are impacted for life. Their one-of-a-kind summer experience challenges them to take on a deeper level of involvement in their local congregations. They become “givers” rather than “takers” in their home church. Many of these students later become Parish Builders, missionaries, or feel called into seminary.

You can make an online gift designated for a specific Barnabas team member, or you can gift it towards general team expenses. Click on the donate button and add your team member name where is says “Additional Information.” Thank you! We can’t send out summer teams without your support!