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Parish Workers

  • Paul and Tress Anderson
    Black Hills, SD
  • Amanda Bellefy
    Mesa, AZ
  • BenDwebBen Dahl
    Camarillo, CA 
  • David, Gretchen, and Leah Mattson
    Naknek, AK

  • Kayla Paige
    Mesa, AZ
  • Jordan and Rachel Rumohr
    Mesa, AZ



Former Parish Workers

  • Bill and Linda Buck
    Parish Builders At Large
  • Ryan Tonneson
    Mesa, AZ
  • Chad Friestad
    Camarillo, CA
  • Jerry Nelson
    Camarillo, CA
  • Luke Emerson
    Hastings, MN 
  • Ashley HurnerAshley Hurner
    Mesa, AZ
  • Kelly Emerson
    Hastings, MN 
  • Jared Langess
    Camarillo, CA
  • Hannah JohnsonHannah Johnson
    Camarillo, CA
  • StephenQwebStephen Quanbeck
    Camarillo, CA
  • Terri Nelson
    Camarillo, CA
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Who are Parish Builders? They are adults—single, married, or of retirement age, preferably graduates of AFLBS who have served on a summer team, volunteering any amount of time assisting the Pastor of a Home Missions congregation through teaching and outreach.

Parish Building is all about a passion for God and the local church. It's team-centered, participatory servant-leadership with lots of opportunities to grow, share, teach, and pray hard.

>>What do Parish Builders do?

They assist in areas like teaching, visitation, canvassing, working with youth, special outreach events...wherever there is a need! They support the pastor and his family, and encourage the congregation members to become more vitally involved and assume leadership.

>>Where do they live?

Wherever there is an AFLC Home Mission church! They locate housing, move into a local community, and find ways to integrate into the lives of people around them.

What about money?

Parish Builders are not paid a salary, but they are commissioned with an umbrella of prayer and guidance by AFLC Home Missions. Some Parish Builders raise support, others find part-time jobs.

These interviews with Parish Builders past and present were filmed at the 2009 Free Lutheran Youth Convention in Estes Park, CO.

Report from the Field

"Parish Building has been valuable to my personal walk with my Lord Jesus Christ, as well as my personal communication skills. I am having to rely on Him to guide me, not just relying on what I can do myself. As a Parish Builder team, my wife and I are seeing the Lord at work in The Gathering. The city of Hstings and many others are seeing the same things--that Jesus is alive and moving in the hearts and minds of the members of the Gathering. I am overwhelmed to see how God is allowing me to be used." Luke Emerson, Parish Builder, Hastings, MN

"Working as a Parish Builder in Camarillo, CA for three years far exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside Pastor Jim and savored every opportunity to learn from him. I loved ministering to the people of Good Shepherd and felt loved and embraced by them. Our youth group is growing and our church continues to see new people. I loved being a part of something like that - a place and a ministry where God is moving. Parish Buildeing was a perfect stepping stone for the next step of ministry God called me to." Chad Friestad, Director of Student Development, AFLBS


>>Parish Builder Checklist:

  • Do you have a consistent, daily quiet time with your Bible and in prayer?
  • Are you actively involved in a local church?
  • Do you enjoy connecting with people in new places?
  • Do you have a passion for seeing people grow in their faith through authentic relationships?
  • Do you enjoy connecting with people in new places?

>>Download your PB application here.