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Dear Quilters,

We so appreciate all the quilts being sent our way here in Alaska. They are such a great way for us to give a practical expression of God’s love here in this cold climate. They are so appreciated by people and they open doors for us to share the Gospel. We pass them out to people here in Naknek, as well as take them to many area villages where we fly. We have taken several boxes to a closed village (due to strong Russian Orthodox influence) and we were welcomed there solely because of quilts. We also have sent quilts to villages where there has been severe flooding and people had lost nearly everything –the quilts were received with tears. Additionally, we shared dozens of quilts last summer with international visitors to Naknek during fishing season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Quiltsquilts4

  1. When are quilts most needed? Does it matter how many we send?
    Quilts are welcome year round and we never have too many.

    What type of quilts do you need?
    We especially appreciate baby quilts and larger quilts for full size beds.

    How should we ship our quilts?
    The best way to send them is through regular mail, at the cheapest rate. Unfortunately, we do not have UPS or Fedex in Naknek.

    How much does it cost to send quilts?
    Cost depends on your location.

    How long does it take to ship quilts to Alaska?quilts
    They may take several weeks or more to get here.

    What address should we use?
    Alaska Mission
    P.O Box 348
    Naknek, AK  99633

Thank you so much. May the quilts you send point people to Jesus.
Jeff and Jane Swanson


“The Bibles, books, coffee, cookies, and quilts that have been donated have been such a blessing to so many people. Thank you so much for sending them! I wish you who sent them could hear all the remarks of appreciation that we get to hear when handing them out. Pastor Jeff has spent much time at the Net meeting and sharing with people. He has started notebook listing some of the people who have come in and noting their name, a tidbit of their story and if they received a Bible, blanket, prayer. There is also a world map on the wall where people have placed a push pin to mark their home. The pins are scattered across the entire map! How incredible to see how far God’s blessings are reaching by way of The Net!” Gretchen M.