Aviation Ministry

​FLAPS Provides Air Transportation

​The Free Lutheran Association of Pilot Supporters (FLAPS) has been providing air transportation services for AFLC staff since 1999. Based in Minneapolis, FLAPS airplanes serve in aviation ministry by condensing transportation time. By airplane, staff can make a trip in a day, that would otherwise take three days by car. The result is increased productivity, efficiency, and the honoring of family time for ministry staff. In the past twelve months, our Minneapolis based airplanes have flown over 22,900 air miles, equal to nearly one trip around the earth!

Since three of the planes owned and operated by FLAPS were generously donated to us, there is no debt on any of the planes. This faith based ministry depends on faithful supporters to keep the ministry going.

Costs of operation, e.g. fuel, insurance, and maintenance continue to rise. However, since we have no debt, we can operate at base costs. This is a huge blessing! Based on the number of air miles flown this year, our approximate cost of operation is 60 cents per mile. God uses many tools for ministry, including airplanes. Please pray for safety, and for the necessary resources to keep this ministry operating.

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Annual Inspection

Keeping our Alaska Missionaries Flying Safe​

All airplanes registered in the U.S.A. are required to have periodic inspections to ensure they are in good and safe operating condition. Our Cessna 175 in Alaska is required to have a comprehensive inspection once a year by a properly licensed aircraft mechanic.

The annual inspection on our Cessna 175 comes due in the winter. Actually, winter is an ideal time for inspection, since Alaskan weather conditions limit flying activity in January and February. During a few weeks of winter, it is normally possible to drive across the Naknek River on the ice. Another benefit of doing the annual inspection in the winter is that in case something on the plane needs repair, it can be done with-out interrupting the Spring and Summer flights.

The basic cost of the inspection is about $2,000, if no parts need to be replaced or repaired. This year the annual inspection came to $2,379 since some extra work needed to be done.

The Cessna is in very good condition and is well equipped for flying in Alaska. Please pray the airplane remains in good mechanical condition as it carries messengers of the Good News to lost souls in remote areas. (Rom. 10:15b)

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