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KAKN Radio

KAKN is a commercial FM Christian radio station with the main studio located in Naknek, Alaska (100.9). Translators located in Dillingham (104.9), Egegik (103.9), and Manokotak (102.9) beam the 1,000 watt signal into remote villages.

Programming includes traditional Christian music, teaching, e.g. Focus on the Family, Unshackled, Insight for Living, and news. During the commercial fishing season in July, fishermen depend on KAKN for fishing reports.

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Alaska Mission Needs

Our missionaries in Naknek, Alaska live in a remote region, a long, long way from any feasible shopping options. Groceries and basic supplies come by barge. The parsonages, the KAKN radio station, and the churches face ongoing needs that your gift can supply.

For example, the radio station where the Lee's and Crowell's live desperately needs a water filtration system for the heavy iron and mineral content. Some newer furniture would also be a blessing, some of the station apartments have furniture from the 50's that is falling apart. Other needs include a dishwasher, full spectrum sun lamps for the dark Alaskan winter days, and dishware for the church. Your online gift goes into our Alaska Project account to help fund these special needs.

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Aviation Ministry

​FLAPS Provides Air Transportation

The Free Lutheran Association of Pilot Supporters (FLAPS) has been providing air transportation services for AFLC staff since 1999. Based in Minneapolis, FLAPSairplanes serve in aviation ministry by condensing transportation time. By airplane, staff can make a trip in a day, that would otherwise take three days by car. The result is increased productivity, efficiency, and the honoring of family time for ministry staff. In the past twelve months, our Minneapolis based airplanes have flown over 22,900 air miles, equal to nearly one trip around the earth!

Since three of the planes owned and operated by FLAPS were generously donated to us, there is no debt on any of the planes. This faith based ministry depends on faithful supporters to keep the ministry going.

Costs of operation, e.g. fuel, insurance, and maintenance continue to rise. However, since we have no debt, we can operate at base costs. This is a huge blessing! Based on the number of air miles flown this year, our approximate cost of operation is 60 cents per mile. God uses many tools for ministry, including airplanes. Please pray for safety, and for the necessary resources to keep this ministry operating.

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Annual Inspection

Keeping our Alaska Missionaries Flying Safe​

All airplanes in the U.S.A. are requested to have periodic inspections to ensure they are in good and safe operating condition and all of FLAPS airplanes must have an annual inspection. These inspections are done on our two Alaska-based planes in the winter months. Winter is an ideal time for these inspections to be done since flying activity typically decreases during the coldest months.

During the winter months, it is normally possible to drive across the Naknek River on the ice. Another benefit of doing the annual inspections in the winter is that in case something on the planes needs to be repaired or replaced, it can be done without interrupting the Spring and Summer flying.

Depending on the needs, the annual inspection cost can range from around $1,500 to several thousand dollars. Pastor/Pilot Jeremy Crowell is a licensed aircraft mechanic with inspection authorization. His God given talents are a great asset to the FLAPS ministry.

This winter the engine and propeller on the Piper Cherokee Six are scheduled to be overhauled. The total cost is estimated to be about $30,000. We are in the process of raising funds to pay for this necessary maintenance work. Please pray that all of the FLAPS planes remain in good operating condition as they are used to carry the message of Good News to lost souls, especially in remote areas and that the Lord will continue to graciously supply for the needs of this ministry.

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