Alaska Gift Registry

Our Alaska missionaries have limited access to stores, and their remote location often brings up needs for unique items. So many of you have been gracious in calling the Home Missions office to inquire about sending care packages to our Alaska missionaries. Thank you!

Just like using an online baby or wedding shower registry, we have set up an online Alaska Hospitality Registry. This allows us to keep an up-to-date list of needs, avoid unnecessary duplication, and it’s easy to use.

For information on sending quilts to Alaska, click here.

Directions for Online Hospitality Registrymyregistry

1) View our user-friendly online hospitality registry, hosted by If you would like, there is also an option to print the registry off.

2) As you skim through the list, you’ll notice a picture and the description and quantity of the requested item. When something catches your eye, click on the “View or Buy this Gift” option. That will take you directly to an online store, usually Amazon, where we’ve found the best prices.

3) There are 2 ways to purchase a gift:

  1. If you decide to purchase the gift directly from the online store link and have it shipped to Alaska, proceed with an online purchase as normal, using the shipping address below.
  2. If you prefer to shop at a local store, that works too. You will still need to view the gift item on the linked store website. When you click to close the store page, a screen will pop up on the site asking you if you have purchased the item. If you plan to purchase it locally, click “Yes”, and the system will update the registry to show the item has been purchased.

4) Use the USPS when shipping; Priority mail works well. UPS shipping is not available in Naknek.

KAKN Radio

P.O. Box 214

Naknek, AK 99633

(907) 246-7492

5) Please don’t hesitate to contact Home Missions if you have any questions or problems with the registry. Thank you!